International Event #02

I attended the IAS career fair a few weeks ago. I walked around and talked to several people. I talked to someone involved in the college of international studies about possible degree plans in international studies. It was interesting to note that while there were many people at both the Department of State’s and the FBI’s booths, the CIA’s booth did not have many people at it. I did not stop to talk to the person manning the table, though, because I was in a hurry to make it to the hummus tasting from Reflection #10. It seemed to be a nice career fair to me. I was mainly going to see what it was like there this year, but if I were to go in search of a job or an internship I would be sure to dress more formally after having gone to the event. I still need to find an international organization on campus to get involved in, so I will try and attend more events related to international organizations next semester.

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