International Event #04

On Wednesday, February 4th, I attended the luncheon talk given by Italian Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero. This event was held at the Fred Jones Jr. Art Museum, so in hindsight it does not seem unreasonable that I was asked to check my coat and backpack at the door. Nonetheless, I was surprised as I could not remember having checked a coat before and I certainly couldn’t remember ever having checked a backpack before! I walked down the hall, then followed a staircase to the underground gallery where the event was held. A scrumptious meal was served. After we had finished dining, Dean Grillot of the College of International Studies and President Boren of the University of Oklahoma each gave brief speeches introducing the Ambassador. The Ambassador then took his place at the podium at the front of the room and began to talk. He spoke mostly about Italy’s long history of friendly relations with the United States. Unfortunately, I could not stay for the whole of his speech. I had a Physical Mechanics class which I had to attend. Despite being slightly late for class, I would say that this was a very interesting and enjoyable event. It was very exciting to attend an event at which an Ambassador spoke!

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