Policy Changes

American foreign policy often changes following elections. One interesting case of this occurred with respect to Hawaii. Shortly after the Kingdom of Hawai’i was overthrown, the provisional government offered the annexation of Hawaii to the United States. Benjamin Harrison, then president, reacted favorably. Grover Cleveland, who succeeded Harrison shortly afterward, did not, and tried to effect the reinstatement of the Kingdom. This resulted in the formation of the Republic of Hawai’i, which was annexed by way of the controversial Newlands Resolution (named after then Representative, and later Senator, Francis G. Newlands, and not the prospect of New Lands) following another change of administration, from Cleveland to William McKinley. This just goes to show what dramatic shifts in foreign policy can result from changes in administration. Therefore I hope you will all join me in planting tongue firmly in cheek, and petitioning the comments section to annex New Zealand, and make Australia pay for it.

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