On the morning of Monday, March 27th, I participated in breaking the world record for the largest human cloud and lightning bolt. The event was hosted by Al Roker, as part of the Today Show’s “Rokerthon 3” series of world records. I arrived at the advertised time, 4:45am, wearing a crimson and cream t-shirt. This was a mistake, as it was quite cold. For several hours we sat in the stands while the crew prepared us for the live filming (for example, those involved in the human weather map practiced getting into position and holding their clouds and other symbols). Afterwards, the live broadcast started (we cheered on cue when Mr. Roker rode into the stadium) and we were ushered into lines to receive ponchos and enter our weather symbols. I was given a white poncho, which was warmer than a t-shirt, and sent to the cloud. This is a clear lesson: it may be appropriate to ignore the e-mail saying to “[w]ear your favorite crimson and cream attire” if the only such attire you have is a t-shirt, and it is cold out.

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