Study Abroad

I do not yet know where I want to study abroad. I would strongly prefer that my study abroad experience occurred someplace that I could apply my National Merit Scholarship because, for obvious reasons, I would like to apply the scholarship. I would also like to go someplace with easy access to clean water, medical care, and other basic amenities. I find that these are very important. I would also like to go someplace that is safe and, preferably, where violence is minimal. I value my safety quite highly. I have not decided where I want to study so far because I have not yet decided what I want to study. This could have a major impact on where I decide to study abroad. If, for example, I were to decide to major in European History, it would be somewhat silly to study  abroad in Thailand. I intend to make my decision, at least in part, on the basis of what I decide to study. I will be trying to figure out what I want to study. This could help me decide where I want to study.

I think that the OU in Arezzo program sounds very interesting, and it is something that I will probably look into in more detail as I work on deciding where I want to study abroad. I am also interested in going to see some of the great sites of Europe and the rest of the world. In particular, the architectural sites could be very interesting to visit. The Florence Cathedral, the Bilbao Guggenheim, and the Eiffel Tower all come to mind.

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